the little train

Hello and Welcome to the little train Metz
Itinerary tourism through the city of Metz

Share a moment cultural fun with friends or family.

Since 1997, you can find Metz and its heritage through a guided tour in 8 languages
(German, English, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, French)

Departure Place weapon in the direction of the Place de la Comédie then the Tour Belle Isle, the famous Arsenal, learn the architecture of the Eveché and Camouffle Tower, the old station, followed by the Place de Gaulle.
Before last leg of the visit, the Place St. Louis, and finally High St. Croix.

After your visit, why not take a snack at the cottage the water level.

Departure visits (10 people)
10.30 - 11.30 - 13.00-14.00-15.00 - 16.05 - 17.05
(18.05 only on weekends and holidays)
Length about 45 mn Guide tour Departure: Place d'Armes (in front of the Cathedral)

The Little Train for a pleasant visit to the city

Enjoy drinks, ice cream, waffles and other treats at the cottage on the banks of the Moselle